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  1. I don't often like to be negative online, but the recent customer service from @Halfords_uk has been absolutely appalling. I've had a case open for 6 months and keep getting fobbed off and then having to chase when they don't reply. Absolutely fuming
  2. Christmas tree obtained 🎄 #cycling #BetterByBike
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  3. New Podcast is live! Talking to @andrasbacsai about his Netlify alternative: Coolify It's a fantastic platform to own your own data while having the ease of git deployment, it also comes with bundled services for one-click setup behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e05-coolify-with-andras-bacsai/ #podcast #coolify
  4. While this sinking ship is still posting (hopefully), you can find me: 🏠 mikestreety.co.uk 🐘 hachyderm.io/web/@mikestreety @[email protected] 🏢 linkedin.com/in/mikestreety/ (need to be more active) 📷 instagram.com/mikestreety/
  5. New post on how to cache all your objects and assets from @gitlab onto a @Minio (Amazon S3 self-hosted alternative) instance mikestreety.co.uk/blog/use-minio-to-cache-gitlab-containers-and-runners/
  6. Managed to accidentally start a Tabs vs Spaces war in the @typo3 Slack community
  7. I find the Nest app for Google Home hubs so buggy. Maybe it's because I'm a cheap-ass and don't pay for Nest Aware...
  8. Latest podcast episode is live! I talk to @BrittneyPostma and @onlyspaceghost from @SvelteSirens all about @sveltejs Listen in your favourite podcast player and let me know what you think behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e05-svelte-with-brittney-and-willow/
  9. Finally decided to download a mastodon app on my phone to sign in. Can't sign in as the server I'm on isn't listed 🤷‍♂️
  10. Going live tomorrow is episode 5 of the podcast, all about @sveltejs Subscribe in your favourite player to make sure you catch it 👍 behindthesource.co.uk/
  11. Interesting, thoughtful day at #ffconf. Shout out to @Remy and @Julieanne for running such a slick operation with a great mix of speakers.
  12. On the train headed to #ffconf - looking forward to seeing some old faces
  13. I've got an existing rack on the front of my bike, and I'm looking for a basket thing that attaches to it. bonus points if it's a waterproof bag that can be taken on and off. #cycling
  14. Ever wondered what Umbraco was? The latest Behind the Source podcast explains all... behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e04-umbraco-with-paul-seal/
  15. Looking for recommendations on domain/website/SSL monitoring tools. Bonus if it does page speed and/or server space too


  1. It’s 2018. Write code however you bloomin’ well want to. If it works for you (and it works) then it’s perfect 👍 Don’t let a medium article make you feel bad just because you’re not “trendy”
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  2. I'm on the hunt for a back-end developer to come and work with me. We currently have a primarily LAMP stack - full job spec to come in the next few days, but if you are someone/know of someone then drop me a DM. Preferably Sussex based. Of course: No agencies.
  3. Overheared at a conference: I thought Kubernetes was a philosopher. #brightonruby @brightonruby
  4. I don’t understand why: a) The synonyms are explained by pigeons b) One pigeon has a bread necklace c) A triceratops is involved d) The social icons “explode” e) The images turn towards your mouse thesaurus.plus/thesaurus/hello Please help.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  5. I made a Morgan Freeman image placeholder website because more websites need him. morganfillman.space/ #forthegood #morganfreeman
  6. Latest screencast: An introduction into Vuex - integrating it into an application. This video takes you through adding Vuex from scratch to wire up a Vue app and share data between components mikestreety.co.uk/blog/introduction-to-vuex-implementation-part-2-video #vue #vuejs

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