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  1. I don't often like to be negative online, but the recent customer service from @Halfords_uk has been absolutely appalling. I've had a case open for 6 months and keep getting fobbed off and then having to chase when they don't reply. Absolutely fuming
  2. Christmas tree obtained 🎄 #cycling #BetterByBike
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  3. New Podcast is live! Talking to @andrasbacsai about his Netlify alternative: Coolify It's a fantastic platform to own your own data while having the ease of git deployment, it also comes with bundled services for one-click setup behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e05-coolify-with-andras-bacsai/ #podcast #coolify
  4. While this sinking ship is still posting (hopefully), you can find me: 🏠 mikestreety.co.uk 🐘 hachyderm.io/web/@mikestreety @[email protected] 🏢 linkedin.com/in/mikestreety/ (need to be more active) 📷 instagram.com/mikestreety/
  5. New post on how to cache all your objects and assets from @gitlab onto a @Minio (Amazon S3 self-hosted alternative) instance mikestreety.co.uk/blog/use-minio-to-cache-gitlab-containers-and-runners/
  6. Managed to accidentally start a Tabs vs Spaces war in the @typo3 Slack community
  7. I find the Nest app for Google Home hubs so buggy. Maybe it's because I'm a cheap-ass and don't pay for Nest Aware...
  8. Latest podcast episode is live! I talk to @BrittneyPostma and @onlyspaceghost from @SvelteSirens all about @sveltejs Listen in your favourite podcast player and let me know what you think behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e05-svelte-with-brittney-and-willow/
  9. Finally decided to download a mastodon app on my phone to sign in. Can't sign in as the server I'm on isn't listed 🤷‍♂️
  10. Going live tomorrow is episode 5 of the podcast, all about @sveltejs Subscribe in your favourite player to make sure you catch it 👍 behindthesource.co.uk/
  11. Interesting, thoughtful day at #ffconf. Shout out to @Remy and @Julieanne for running such a slick operation with a great mix of speakers.
  12. On the train headed to #ffconf - looking forward to seeing some old faces
  13. I've got an existing rack on the front of my bike, and I'm looking for a basket thing that attaches to it. bonus points if it's a waterproof bag that can be taken on and off. #cycling
  14. Ever wondered what Umbraco was? The latest Behind the Source podcast explains all... behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e04-umbraco-with-paul-seal/
  15. Looking for recommendations on domain/website/SSL monitoring tools. Bonus if it does page speed and/or server space too
  16. Episode 4 is live - Umbraco, with @CodeSharePaul behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e04-umbraco-with-paul-seal/ Had a great time learning about Umbraco with Paul #umbraco @umbraco
  17. What's the best, most up-to-date password creation advice? Is 1Password's generator the best option at the moment? 1password.com/password-generator/
  18. Just recorded another episode of @BehindSource with @BrittneyPostma and @onlyspaceghost about Svelte... Here's a preview from the transcript
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  19. My favourite of all the prices
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  20. How do people discover new podcasts?
  21. "remember" jQuery? It's still going strong! Whether you've never used it, moved on to a different framework or want to know what it is, have a listen to me and @tlakomy chat about it for a bit behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e03-jquery-with-tomasz-lakomy/
  22. While cleaning my teeth I remembered I was supposed to publish a podcast today (automation will come soon, I promise). So with 30 minutes of the day to go, here is the latest episode...
  23. Thought I would try and be arty and take a photo of my wife on one of those drop rides. Forgot to move my phone with the seats, instead I got a "ball of chaos" I quite like it
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  24. TFW you're waiting for DNS to update and are constantly refreshing different devices and DNS checker websites
  25. For those that don't use Svelte but are interested: If you were sitting down with an expert for 30 minutes, what questions would you ask them about it? I'm recording an episode of @BehindSource with @SvelteSirens in a couple of weeks 😀
  26. Good morning! Have you listened to this podcast where @paulienuh and I talk about Gitpod? behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e02-gitpod-with-pauline-narvas/
  27. My colleagues get me the best gifts
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  28. (I'm going to sound old saying this...) Do music channels not exist on the TV anymore?
  29. Cloudflare with their tools & projects. I love what Cloudflare does, but it does seem they focus on making new products rather than making their existing ones better (or in the instance of Pages, work)
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  30. Good morning team, This went live over the weekend! 🎧 @BehindSource/1576151540921876480
  31. I just want to listen to a 2010s mix on Spotify without having to skip past (or listen to) Baa Baa Black Sheep
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  32. Interesting post from @samdkingdev on Pair Programming: samdking.co.uk/blog/pair-programming-code-review/ I've found that, at Liquid Light, remote working has encouraged more pair programming - able to open stuff up on your machine while someone shares their screen is mega helpful.
  33. This was such a good chat. Looking forward to sharing it with you all! @BehindSource/1574829801919189007
  34. I feel like Cloudflare are still really good at being a CDN and having a simple, easy DNS interface, but all their other offerings are good, but not good enough. Over the last week I've struggled with their webp generation, analytics and pages.
  35. Hot damn, I still use it and love it. Old dogs and new tricks and all that! @SaraSoueidan/1574375616878616576
  36. It's that kind of morning 👌
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  37. Blown away by @Netlify and the NPM ecosystem this evening. Within 90 minutes, I had a site which submitted SVG code to a function which converts it to several different sized PNGs and ICOs for favicons simplefavicons.netlify.app/ Paste in SVG code or (in chrome) drop and SVG in
  38. What's the best option for a free, simple analytics platform for my 11ty site? All I'm after is the number of visitors and to what pages - want to avoid Google
  39. How I feel about tomatoes
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  40. Good morning fellow humans! The first episode of my podcast went live yesterday where I talk to @DavidDarnes about Designs Systems and his work at @NordhealthHQ behindthesource.co.uk/podcasts/s02e01-design-systems-with-david-darnes/